Saturday, 5 March 2011

Experimental Cocktail Club

The girl on the door, so I hear, can be a bit of a "Nazi".  I haven't personally experienced this, but I can believe that to be the case for some people.  The first barrier to entry is finding the unmarked door.  This accomplished, you need to get past the clipboard.  After a once over, the better half and I were admitted entry, it was early, 8pm on a Friday night.  Up the stairs, check the coat, and the main bar is jumping.  We found a couple of foot stool sort of seats and had a look at the menu.  This wasn't really comfortable, so we grabbed the passing waiter, and he found a space for us 1 floor up.  This waiter turned out to be CoCo.  You can't miss him.  He's like a little German leprechaun of drink serving delight.  That's not meant to sound offensive, he's great.  The drinks are all around a tenner, and have all been very good thus far.  CoCo will happily have something made something up for you too, if you tell him what you like.   Definitely going to return - but early - £5 cover after 11pm.

Creamy Madras something or other?

Experience No. 2

Basil Smash

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