Bird Court - Kitasenju, Tokyo / 東京北千住

Birthday time! Probably one of my favourite Japanese cuisines is yakitori aka grilled chicken aka "chicken on sticks". There are a few Michelin rated yakitori places in Tokyo, but I reckoned Bird Court was the most low key - and that's the way yakitori should be - hence it was the one I wanted to try. If it's ponced up too much, it loses its charm... IMHO. So we rode the entire Hibiya line (stops 01-21, maybe 45 mins) to get to Kitasenju and the chicken delights that lay beyond.

We plumped for the set course at ¥6,300, comprising a few initial amuse bouches, and small plates (including sashimi of chicken breast), some 8 sticks of chicken and veg goodness, and a seasonal carb finish - oyakodon (with special black truffle garnish for Jan and Feb).

Chicken and ginger soup was a highlight. As was the super creamy, caramel like pâté. Sticks were all excellent, especially my favourite - tsukune, with amazing fresh creamy egg yolk to dip. We were totally stuffed by the time the carb arrived. Decent wine list, and Augustiner on tap was a nice touch. Good value. Good chicken. Nom! 

3-68 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0034 

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