Hipster delight.  Maybe we visited at the wrong time of day, but the service was pretty dire, I think I had 5 people serve me.  But hey, I got a free beer out of it - mostly because the dude that took my order promptly donned his shades (every server's sunglasses were lined up one after the other on a shelf of bottles), lit his fag as he passed behind me, and left.  He never added it to my tab, so I asked what appeared to be a more managerial type if he could fulfill my order, which he did with no fuss.  Thanks!  By the way, it's Meantime Pale Ale on tap.  The better half ordered a Tom Collins, which was lacklustre, and expensive (£9) considering it wasn't made with Sipsmith.

Croque Monsieur

Salt Beef Slider
We ordered the house pickles, a croque monsieur, and a salt beef slider for the first round.  The pickles were great.  Fresh, and lightly vinegared - reminiscent of Japan almost.  The croque monsieur was great, although tiny - it made more sense why the guy asked "Is that all?" after this first round of orders.  The salt beef, from Brick Lane, was as good as expected.  But I mean, I guess I could just be less lazy and make the trip and save paying the premium price?

Shoestring Fries

Deep Fried Olives
Second round, and another salt beef slider, with shoe string fries, and some deep fried olives.  The fries were more like crisps, fried all the way through.  I've had them in the US with a little more girth to them - and personally, I prefer them that way.  The deep fried olives were fantastic though.  Definitely worth a look.

Will we go back?  Hmm...  maybe.  Seems to be a lot of hype going on about this place.  I'd be interested to try the mac n cheese, and maybe even the ground beef and marrow slider.  I've got the feeling (taking into account friends reviews) that it's probably hit and miss.

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