Gin Basil Smash

So I didn't go to the Royal Wedding.  I made these instead.  And watched it on TV.  Toats darling, yah.

50 ml Gin
20 ml gomme
20 ml fresh lemon juice
A bunch of fresh basil

Muddle basil vigorously, shake all ingredients and double-strain on fresh ice cubes into a glass.  Garnish with fresh basil.

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Mark's Bar @ Hix

The room gives a really nice vibe after you've followed the staircase down and around.  A long bar on the right, and tables and booths on the right.  Because of something to do with the licence, after finding a place to sit, you're served with a bowl of twiglets, and some water, and charged some fee.  There are lots of other bar snacks from which to partake, and I decided to try the Fish Fingers with Mushy Peas - utterly delicious!  Crispy coating, flaky flesh and bright green veg.  A great little snack.

The waitress told us that they try to serve each cocktail to each patron in a different glass - cute little touch no?  Nice bar, will return someday.

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